TAAE 2022 -

Call for Papers!

Submission Deadline

- May 31 2021

TAAE 2022 

32nd Annual Conference

February 2 - 4, 2022 

TAAE 2022 Call for Papers Submission

TAAE’s 2022 - Call for Papers!

Submission Deadline - May 31, 2021

Austin Texas or Virtual Conference for February 2 - 4, 2022

TAAE 2022
32nd Annual Conference


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  • Presenters at the TAAE In Person Conference are not exempt from paying FULL REGISTRATION fees.
  • Presentations requiring laptops and laptop projectors must be supplied by presenter(s).
    Note: Laptops/PCs/Projectors Not Provided.
  • Individuals submitting this proposal and signing this form agrees to receive all conference correspondence and accept responsibility for conveying conference-related information to co-presenters.
  • Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained for all presenter materials that will be used as a part of this presentation. The responsibility for protecting client confidentiality rests with the presenter(s).
  • Individuals submitting or included within this proposal have agreed to be present in Austin, TX or Virtual during the hour and date assigned to this presentation at the 2022 TAAE Conference, and conduct this proposed presentation according to the conditions listed above.

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