Janna McCollough


Dear TAAE Members:

As I write this message, my heart is filled with concern and hope for every educator and student in our great state. My concern for the educators, as each of you can imagine, is that we keep safe and healthy for ourselves and students. I feel certain that we can handle the constant changes that are bombarding our daily existence. For our students, they must learn ways to keep themselves healthy and grow new and lasting relationships with their teachers and peers.

But hope...how I hope that educators understand how much students need you. I feel confident that each of you find ways to create calm in the chaos of this pandemic for our students.  Protect yourselves and model that for your students as they need you in their lives every day.  Our students, especially, need that consistency and structure that only you can provide.

We are in a whole new world. Who knew that six months would bring about the level of overhaul we are having to make in the educational delivery system?

But you know what? As one of my awesome former teachers used to say, “We get more done on this campus before noon than the regular campuses get done all day!” THAT is what we are! The AEP’s and the DAEP’s are warriors for our students, your fight is not alone, it does not go unnoticed!

We, at the TAAE, are also in the process of changing to meet the needs of our members. We are planning some great professional development opportunities for October 2020 and for February 2021. We are going to keep our presentations virtual and hope that you will join us for some interesting updates and Best Practices for AEP’s and DAEP’s.

John C. Maxwell said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Let’s not give up on the growth potential we have and how we can model dealing with change for our students. I challenge you to find creative ways to participate in professional development with TAAE, it will be specifically targeted just for you.

Know that your TAAE Board and everyone else associated with the Texas Association of Alternative Educators are looking forward to seeing you participate in our 31st Annual (now) Virtual Conference, February 2021...unless that changes 😉

Janna McCollough
TAAE President 2019-2021