John Schaefer

TAAE Members and Guests,

Welcome to Texas Association for Alternative Education.

The premier organization for educators that educate students across our great state. Our just completed 31st annual conference held February 4th-5th  was also our first virtual conference ever held by our organization and was tabbed by participants as hugely successful.  This was the result of each of you “Meeting the Challenges of Today, For the Success of Tomorrow.”

The challenges that each of you have faced over the past year have been extraordinary. The changes that we all had to make and adjust to, as well as, what our students had to adjust to has never been seen in our lifetime.  We “faired well” and our students have come out successful because of each of you and the prestigious work that you have done in rising to the occasion.

We must not rest, but continue to strive for excellence and challenge ourselves to continue to grow in the face of adversity. Our students are looking up to us and we are the face of opportunity as the students are the face of success.

Our organization along with our annual conference, have begun to have periodic training events, where all educators can join in to learn more about educating our future. These new learning events are called “Genius Bar” and provide a way for each of you to share your ways of creating success for students.

John Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather, ask what you can do for your country.” This resonates to all of us here at TAAE as we must share our greatest accomplishments and how we did it with others. So, I ask that those of you that have awesome ways of teaching and challenging students to think about becoming a speaker at a conference or at the “Genius Bar”. We have had and will continue to have some of the greatest speakers in the state because they are you. Call for papers is now in progress so that we can make our 32nd annual conference even better.

Those of you that are not members, please consider joining our ranks and becoming a part of the greatest organization for student success in the state of Texas.

John Schaefer
TAAE President 2021- 2023