Janna McCollough


Dear TAAE Members:

What a difference two months makes? Since our 30th Anniversary TAAE Conference in Houston the entire world has made such a change. I can only imagine how badly your students are missing you right now. Despite our struggles, our trials and tribulations, our preparations, our prayers...each and every student you have worked with this year needed and probably still does need you.

As everyone is preparing to embark on a “new normal”, we, above all, KNOW how to deal with crises. We do this with every student who walks through our doors. Continue what you do each day and keep that brave face on, our districts will need us now more than ever.

I hope that our conference was an inspiring time of learning and camaraderie. We had so many great speakers and fantastic presenters. While you have the time, reflect for a few moments on the strategies and ideas you picked up during the conference. Connect with people you met; prepare a presentation for a break-out session for next year’s conference; re-design a point sheet; and more!

Know that your TAAE Board and everyone else associated with the Texas Association of Alternative Educators are looking forward to seeing you in February 2021 in Austin for our 31st Annual Conference!!


Janna McCollough

TAAE President 2019-2021