Taylor Marceau Scholarship



Based on “Best Practices” for scholarship awards the TAAE Scholarship Committee requires the following of
STAFF AND STUDENT applications for the TAAE Taylor Marceau Scholarship Awards:

  1. The staff at each school facility knows their students better than TAAE ever will.
    • Therefore, school staff consensus nominations of 1 to 3 total scholarship applicant students should be the first step in assuring a worthy pool of TAAE scholarship applicants.
    • Also, a staff consensus nomination can serve as an honor for every student nominated, regardless of who is awarded a scholarship.
  2. Staff Members: Students are unlikely to use a scholarship if they cannot:
    • Articulate a goal and the essential elements of a plan to reach that goal;
    • Identify a support system to help them implement their plan.
    • Complete their FAFSA; and
    • Complete a college or trade school application
  3. Personal histories focusing on the student’s challenges & achievements shall provide distinguishing flexibility for the application process.
  4. Names of Nominating School Staff & Contact Emails and phone numbers:

Staff 1:

Staff 2:

Staff 3:

Student Contact Information

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Taylor Marceau Scholarship Application Form

Student Application Date Once Chosen By Staff Members:

Have you completed your FAFSA(Federal Student Aid) yet? https://fafsa.ed.gov/

Yes  No

If you checked YES, Please attach a copy of your Student Aid Report, (SAR), to this application :

Upload your Student Aid Report (Max 4mb)

Have you completed your application for admission to your chosen college or trade school of choice yet?

Yes  No

If you checked YES, Please attach a copy of your admission application or your letter of acceptance from your chosen college or trade school. :

Upload your admission application or your letter of acceptance (Max 4mb)

Be sure to include in your personal statement above the following 6 items below:

  1. Why you would be a good candidate for this scholarship.
  2. Why are you reliable?
  3. Personal challenges in your life and how you have faced those challenges.
  4. What has been difficult for you and how did you deal with that difficulty?
  5. Personal accomplishments in your life.
  6. What are you most proud of and why?

Please complete one application form “per Nominee.”

Upload your Headshot to include with your Application(Max 4mb)

After you fill out the form click on the submit button!
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